Temporary accommodation in Leipzig

Welcome to YUMA

Are you visiting Leipzig on business and looking for a furnished temporary home where you can feel as comfortable as you would in your own apartment? 
Then YUMA Apartments is the right place for you!

83 furnished managed apartments are being developed, spread across two buildings that are centrally located on Berliner Straße 7 a+b with the best connections to the main railway station, market, exhibition venue and the airport. The perfect place to go for anyone looking for their personal space in Leipzig at an attractive rental price.

Living at YUMA offers you a cosy atmosphere just like at home. Your furnished apartment is your personal space in Leipzig. YUMA stands for Your Urban Managed Apartment and offers an innovative concept for furnished living, which provides business travellers in particular with a contemporary alternative to standard hotels and conventional serviced or furnished apartments. 


The best stay after a busy day in Leipzig

If you have high design standards and don’t want to pay for services you don’t use, then come to YUMA and discover the offer that suits you best. YUMA Leipzig is more affordable than conventional serviced apartments or hotels and offers you the ultimate cosy atmosphere, just like in your own home, at an attractive rental price.

Renting a temporary accommodation at YUMA Leipzig gives you the freedom to choose the furnishings and services you need: Large or small floor areas, living or working space, opportunities for retreat or contact with the community. Design, digitalisation and automation are the key elements of this concept.

In our furnished apartments situated in a prime location, every guest will find a new home away from home providing the required relaxation and inspiration. YUMA’s furnished apartments are available 24/7 and can be tailored to your needs.

Entfernungen zu wichtigen Zielen

Main railway station
0,5 km | 5 Min.

Bus and tram station
0,1 km | 1 Min.

Leipzig market
1,2 km | 5 Min.

Leipzig University
1,3 km | 9 Min.

Leipzig Exhibition Centre
7,0 km | 10 Min.

Motorway A14
7,1 km | 9 Min.

Largest employers drive demand in Leipzig

The checklist – short & sweet

You are planning a long business trip to Leipzig. What are you looking for?

  • Privacy just like in your own apartment? Sets us apart.
  • A highly modern apartment? 
    We have just that.
  • You want it fully furnished? 
  • You are planning a long business trip to Leipzig. What are you looking for?
  • Privacy just like in your own apartment? 
    Sets us apart.
  • A highly modern apartment? 
    We have just that.
  • You want it fully furnished? 
    No problem.
  • Ambience and atmosphere of a stylish apartment? 
    You’ll find it with us.
  • Temporary living in an attractive property? 
    You can do just that here.
  • Central location and easy accessibility?That’s what we offer.
  • An attractive rental price? 
    That’s what you get.
  • Bottom line: What are you waiting for?

YUMA Leipzig

A sense of well-being, as if you were at home
with the comfort of a serviced apartment

You have planned an extended stay in Leipzig and are looking for a furnished apartment at an attractive rental price? YUMA offers you the ideal solution for comfortable temporary accommodation!

Renting a furnished apartment from a private owner for a temporary period of time would not make sense and does not offer the level of comfort required in a foreign city. The rental process at YUMA is digital, easy and convenient.

YUMA Apartments

  • 83 superbly equipped furnished apartments
  • Apartments ranging from approx. 25 m2 – 57 m2 in size
  • High design and quality standards
  • Affordable rental prices – only pay for what you use
  • Digital rental process
  • Digital room control
  • High-speed WiFi and internet
  • Combination of sleeping, home office and feel-good factor
  • Optimal use of space thanks to modular bed
  • Comfortable bathroom of high quality
  • Balcony optional
  • Cleaning service
  • Washing machines (WeWash or Miele-Wash)


Fully furnished apartments offering a welcoming and cosy atmosphere

Comfort zones just like in your own apartment

Innovative, modern and functional public areas


Community kitchen

Multifunctional lounge area in a relaxed setting

Dining is possible in the apartment or in the community area

Modern amenities with luxury microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher

Looking for a furnished apartment in Leipzig?

The challenge

For many business travellers planning a lengthy stay in Leipzig, the standard hotel is not an option. Particularly for longer stays, the atmosphere and facilities should be suitable and offer the right balance to the strenuous working day.

YUMA is just the right place for you!


Central and quiet location in Leipzig

Modern property

Optimal transport connections

5 min. distance to Leipzig’s main railway station

10 min. distance to the city centre 


Flexible length of stay at an attractive rental price

Corporate contracts with preferential conditions possible

Moving in is easy and handled digitally

Hygienic and contactless thanks to digitalisation